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协调 英文

这样说: coordinating tasks of each department....

coordinate with different people.与不同的人协调 coordinatot 协调人

用法正确,但是不能用between,这只用在两个之间,改为among,或直接改为 coordinate the relationship of the team members 另一句翻译 responsible for coordinating and communicating the team members.

和较强的组织协调能力 Strong organizational and coordination skills 重点词汇释义 组织organization; organize 协调能力coordinate ability

协调发展 coordinated development; [例句]促进区域协调发展,是我国现代化建设中的一个重大战略问题。 Promoting the coordinated development of all regions is of strategic importance to China's modernization drive.

协调好关系 英语如下: Coordinate relationships 重点词汇释义 协调coordinate; concert; integrate; harmonize; assort with

Treat serious and responsible work Good at communication Coordination has the strong organization ability and team spirit。 日常工作中常用的英语口语: 1. That's a touchy issue! 这是个辣手的问题! 2. I will be off-site and unrea...

英文: Please help to coordinate with the head of the company

与客户之间的协调工作 Coordination with customers

with a strong sense of responsibility, and great capability in learning. equipped with positive attitude, and decent coordination skills

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