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FACE 和FACE up to

face up to sth/sb 是勇敢地、大胆地、理性地面对、应对某事某人,是带有某种感情色彩的面对 face 是普通的面对,不含感情色彩

1. You could face up to eight years in jail for spreading rumours considered prejudicial to security. 散布危害社会安全的谣言将被判入狱8年。 来自柯林斯例句 2. They were having to face up to the fact that they had lost everything...

face up to [英][feis ʌp tu:][美][fes ʌp tu] 勇敢地接受[面对], 正视(而不畏缩); 例句: 1. It is the republicans who must now face up to a potential problem. 倒是共和党现在必须面对一个隐约浮现的难题了。 2. But parlous ...

face with 面对...后面多接名词,有时也可以接doing eg. I was faced with lots of difficulties. 我那时候需要面对很多困难. face up to中文意思是,勇敢的对付或接受。后面接doing,或是接名词。 1.Don't force him face up to that problem....

face up v.面对 面朝上;正面朝上;面向上 例句 1.With strong entrepreneur spirit and great sense of responsibility, can face up to any hardships and challenges. 拥有很强的事业心和责任感,能够面对任何困难和挑战。 2.I began to inte...

在这里没有! face up to responsibility=face responsibility“敢于承担责任” face up to“敢于承担责任”“正视(历史)等”“面对现实” 刚才看错了。以为是face 和face up to的比较。 回答的这么好,怎么半天一点分都没有啊?

face up v. deal with (something unpleasant) head on [释义]面朝上,面向上,拉平; 面对,担当; We should not only inform the world of our achievements, but also of our efforts to face up to problems. 我们不仅要向世界展示我们所取得...

face up to 意思是 “勇敢面对 ...”,to 是介词,可以用动名词充当宾语,如 We should face up to being frustrated with the job (我们应该勇敢面做这项工作会受到的挫折)。



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