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I've got to tell you, but I know I've got to give it a try. And...Do you really want to see me crawl? And I'm never gonna make it like...

Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caughtBut you put on quite a show ohYou really had me goin'But now it's time to go ohCurtain's ...

B 考察现在分词作定语的用法。Letter与offer him it构成主动关系,使用现在分词分词形式。句意:约翰真的获得了那份工作因为他给我们展示了给他提供那份工作的信件。

这里的got to应该不是一个短语,而是分开的。意思是你的话以一个很好的方式传达给我

I've really got to do something to lose weight bcause i am getting much too fat,因为我一天天发福,为了减肥我真的付出了很大努力! 将many换成much too fat就OK了

Got to believe-Sterling Knight All my life people telling Me just who I am They don't wanna know They don't really understand So many people trying To tell me to be practical Only think that I am undemensional But I can feel it...

when we got to the top,it was raining really hard 当我们到达山顶时,雨下得很大


Give me a chance, okay? I love you, really love you!不知道你愿不愿意...no matter how many times to his injury, it is far less than the first...

应该是get you out of my mind或者get you off my mind吧?搂主写的句子本身有点问题,只能模糊查找,有可能的几首如下: 1. Weak By P.Y.T. 下载地址:http://dd57.yyzww.com/D0015/s0007368/a0025318/D0015-t91-s0007368-a0025318-t004.mp3 2. ...

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