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是说前面发生的事,不管是别人对你的安排,说的话或做的事,或者你自己的什么状况,你感觉是不是OK?有没有不满意?有没有觉得不舒服? 就这么个意思。

表示征询意见的句子.意思为:可以吗?同意吗?合适吗? 例: To be honest, I really don't feel like staying home. I'd much rather see a movie. Is that OK with you?说实话,我真的不想呆在家里,我更愿意看电影.可以吗? Is it OK with you if I...


that's ok with me 对我来说没关系 例句: 1、 Today is my parents'wedding anniversary.They left me with Sun Jie and went out for a romantic evening! That's Ok! 今天是爸妈的结婚周年,他们两个抛下我自己去庆祝。 2、 I waited to star...

it is OK with me - 我没问题。 用法就是表示某人同意某事,或者不介意某事。


答案b.for is that time ok ( )you? 那个时间对你而言适合吗?

两层理解,OK可以理解为FINE,也可理解为是否同意他人观点,前者回答:A little tired/nervous/表状态不好的单词,后者,I have some ideas ,In my opinion......

beokwithsomebook 需要分开写为:be with some book 翻译为:有一些书 It is bound to be a failure, every book is a failure, but I do know with some clarity what kind of book I want to write. 这部小说注定会成败笔,每次完成的作品都觉...


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