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mature 意思是 成熟的 asia 意思是 亚洲 具体什么意思 结合句子 联系上下文 字面意思就是 成熟的亚洲


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From her appearane, I would she is Asian.6. ...1. Can I ask how old you are?2. Guess how...11. --singer)looks maturer for his age.12. ...


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楼上的累不累? how time错误用法,没有这么用的 how long 多久

The fruit matures in Autumn, and is typically 5...The word apple comes from the Old English word ... and neighbouring Asian countries, while Europeans ...

天啊你居然问那么淫荡的词~怪不得匿名~orgy就是滥交 性狂欢的意思~mature就是成熟的 成人的 连起来就是 成人滥交咯~别看太多porn啦亲~

in mature 本质上 466. (be) in the nature of 属…性质 467. none other that 不是别人,正是… 468. above normal 高于正常(温度) 469. for nothing (...

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