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put AwAy是什么意思

put off 延期。 put up 举起,抬起。 put out 伸出。 put away 收起来, 放好。 短语造句: put off: They decided to put the meeting off until after Christmas. 他们决定把会议推迟到圣诞节以后。 Owing to the state of the ground, the ma...

最佳答案 - 由提问者1年前选出 put away v. 放好, 储存...备用, 处理掉, 放弃, 抛弃

put away [英][put əˈwei][美][pʊt əˈwe] 放好; 收起来; 储存; 打消; 双语例句: She wants me put away again! 她要让我再被抓了!

上架,和picking相反的一个动作, 类似stock placement

put away [英] [put əˈwei][美] [pʊt əˈwe] 收起来;放好;储存;打消 1.As nothing else happened and everything quieted down again, the man put away his gun, looking quite embarrassed, but he soon regained ...

没有上架策略的意思。 上架策略-Placement Strategy,或者Putaway Strategy。

put away 英[put əˈwei] 美[pʊt əˈwe] [词典] 放好; 收起来; 储存; 打消; [例句]She finished putting the milk away and turned around 她把牛奶收好后转过身来。

区分一下其英文解释: put away - to store away, place out of the way, clean up, or organize; to eat a great deal (informal); to send someone to prison; divorce; kill gently put aside - to save money; to ignore or intentionally...


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