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unrequited love 生词本 英 [716;652;nri712;kwaitid l652;v] 美 [716;652;nr618;712;kwa618;t618;d l652;v] n. 暗恋; 单相思 1. She fell in an unrequited love with the artist. 她单恋那位艺术家。 来自辞典例句 2. You are Hilter;s unreq...

I really mean it:当然是真的;我是说真的;我是当真的 双语例句: 1.I really mean it this time. Trust me, will ya? 这次是真的。相信我好不好。 2.Right now you live far away from me and I really mean it's killing me but I knowin my...

I really mean to you 我对你真的很 拼音双语对照 双语例句 1 I didn't really mean to call you “ baby. ” 我不是故意叫你宝贝的

在具体的语境中,去把握它的意思。 如: 一、Do you really mean it? 此话当真? Michael: Whenever you are short of money, just come to me. David: Do you really mean it? 二、Do you really mean it? 你是说真的吗? {情景对话} Sam: Aran...


But what I really mean to say is that networking with managers is also about talking to peers who can give you help and advice ,because as managers they face similar problems to you. 但我真正要说的是网络管理人员也和与那些能给...

因为一个句子中不能同时出现两个动词said 和 was,并且for fun 在这里是充当宾语it的宾语补足语,所以要省略was 。这种形式就相当于 I think it reasonable.

B。what,意思是 在一些国家,所谓的“平等”并不真正意味着所有人拥有平等的权利。 此句为主语从句,called为及物动词欠宾语,what作called的宾语 what is called"equality整个作主语,为什么不选C, WHICH一般用于具选择关系的主语从句 比如I wan...



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