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基本信息 歌名:SORRY 歌手:Beyoncé 所属专辑:LEMONADE 乐曲内容 听语音 Sorry I ain't sorry 抱歉,我并不觉得抱歉 Sorry I ain't sorry 抱歉,我并不觉得抱歉 I ain't sorry nigga nah 我可一点不觉得抱歉 Sorry I ain't sorry 抱歉,我并不...


全首歌歌词 (连狱警的都有!Gaga & Beyonce 对白在中间~) [Background Prison Gate Slams] [Jail Guard] In-coming. [Prisoner] We are gonna make you swim out of here in your own blood, bitch. [Prisoners In The Background] Hello, baby....

On the first page of our story 当我们的爱情故事刚刚翻开第一页的时候 The future seemed so bright 我对我们的未来充满了无限的憧憬 Then this thing turned out so evil 但是天意弄人 I don't know why i'm still surprised 面对如今这急转...

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