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由报道可知,“X-rated (movie)”就是我们汉语中所说的“三级片”。1968年,MPAA(美国电影协会)对影视作品做了如下分级:G级(适合于所有年龄段);PG级(建议在父母陪伴下观看);PG-13(13岁以下儿童不适);R级(17岁以下者须在父母陪同下观看...

就X级的电影,adult movies

In the United States, the X-rating originally referred to a non-trademarked rating that indicated a film contained content unsuitable for minors such as extreme violence or explicit sex and thus was for adults only. When the MP...

x-rated movie 看个例句:This film should be X-rated; it's not suitable for youth.(这是一部三级片,不适合青少年观看。) 先看外电一段有关“性感女星”斯佳丽·约翰逊饰演“色情女星”詹娜·詹姆森相关的新闻报道: Hollywood beauty Scarlett ...



品名(英文): X RATED FUSION LIQUEUR 品名(中文): X冰粉红预调酒 类型 威士忌 配料 水、小麦、焦糖色、诱惑红 酒精度 17% VOL 净含量 750ml 原...


供应商提醒你,UL rated HB as of 10/97. 200 series recommended when V-2 rating required. Nonhalogenated. 17.5 MFR, for small, intricate parts. UV stabilized. Property TYPICAL PROPERTIES (1) MECHANICAL Value Unit Standard Tensile...

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